Be it a disco or a club party, a corporate event-party, brand event, city celebration, proms or talent booking, Rich Lion Entertainment offers the guarantee of total satisfaction.


With our booking division we offer you the chance to employ artists, dj’s, radio or tv hosts, actors, dancers or any other showbiz entity for your events, even if they are listed or not on our website, according the the terms and conditions available here.
Rich Lion collaborates with most of the romanian artists or with their agents and the names that can be found in our offer continue to grow.


We offer the guarantee of a successful party. And by party we mean a large variety of events such as themed parties for clubs and disco’s or corporate events.

Corporate parties offer a lot of room to move, the only limit when organizing them being your imagination and good taste. Over 5 years experience in organizing team building events and corporate parties gives us the possibility to offer our clients the guarantee of a successful event.

A good party is, before anything else, entertainment, status and colaboration. Our corporate party offers range from location (4**** hotel) and establishing a theme, to technical equipment and hosts and artists booking, if that is the case.


Talent is nothing if it’s not properly promoted. The recipe for success is not a simple one and results require sustained effort and work from the artist and from his management.
The know how is essential and we, here at RL, have plenty of. If you have a talent let us make you famous! We have professionals that will determine how talented you are and together we will establish a road to follow. In short: Marketing, Public Relations, Contract Negotiation, Tour Management, etc.